Kindalin Educators launch their new spring uniform : Kindalin ~* Early Childhood Learning Centres

Kindalin Educators launch their new spring uniform 

During the very first week of spring, Educators across 8 Kindalin centres launched their new uniforms. It was a wonderful surprise for the Educators to be gifted with a new navy blue Kindalin shirt along with a special blue cupcake to enjoy on the day with their fellow Educators.

To celebrate the occasion the Educators proudly showed off their new uniforms to the children as they put on a fashion show during calendar time.

There are many new exciting surprises still to come to all of the Kindalin Centres in the upcoming months. Kindalin Kellyville has just recently launched their new Main Yard just in time for spring, and construction is also taking place in their dedicated babies yard.

Keep an eye out at your Kindalin centre for updates, announcements and exciting changes still to come!