“I love watching children discover new and exciting things in the world around them.”

Hannah Dollin, Support Director

“Watching the children thrive and grow throughout their whole time at Kindalin.”

Jasmin Barkby, Centre Support

“It's important to identify each child’s interests and learning style...”

Joanne Tapley, Program Support

“Enrolments are the beginning of something wonderful!”

Simone Macauley, Kindalin Enrolments

“I am inspired every day by my colleagues and the active Kindalin community.”

Debbie Vumbaca, Careers and Professional Development Manager

Notes from our Parents

I have two daughters in different rooms at Kindalin Frenchs Forest & every morning I drop off, my daughters and I are welcomed with a big warm smile! I have so much confidence in the care provided by the whole team. My eldest daughter is always so excited to go to into care for the day & eager to come home and tell us about her fun filled day. The cleanliness standard are exceptional and the constant communication via the app or emails is exactly what two parents who work full time need.

Frenchs Forest Parent 2017

We’d like to take this opportunity to commend you on the Wombats graduation. Ben attended with George’s sister and grandmother. He was incredibly impressed at the effort you and your staff put into the event, as well as the preparation of the children. The hall was an ideal venue, the length well-considered and the events perfectly pitched to make it fun for kids and parents. Ben commented that the songs were well chosen and it was lovely to see the kids have a chance to express themselves individually. George has been wearing his firetruck nonstop for over a week now!

George was very proud at receiving his certificate and all of us have enjoyed reading the graduation book. That must have taken you a lot of time and effort. Please know it is well-appreciated, although it made both Ben and I a little teary!

As we near the end of our Kindalin experience, we continue to feel very blessed that George has had such excellent care from day one. We couldn’t have asked for a better centre or more caring, creative and responsible teachers. As working parents we sometimes feel like we are out-sourcing important aspects of child-rearing, and while this is heartbreaking, I am also very grateful for all that you have done for George. Thank you to all the staff for always making the time to chat with us, the best proof that our beautiful boy is liked, understood and valued.

As way of a Christmas gift, George decided to choose some plants for each teacher which he will bring in this week. Each teacher may like to take one home or if preferred, add it to the Kindalin garden. They are succulents and are relatively hardy so no need to be a green thumb!

Cherrybrook Parent 2016

Please pass on our thanks to the room leaders in Ella’s room, and a big thank you to you as well. Our transition to Kindalin was made all the more easier by having carers such as yourself, Miss Rachael, Miss Katie, Miss Brooke, Miss Tayla, Miss Roopam and Miss Therese-Ann –

Ella has warmed to every single teacher, they care and provide for her as though she is their very own. Coming from a completely different centre, it is so heart warming to see the huge difference provided at Kindalin and my only regret is I didn’t enrol Ella earlier.

The seminars you held for the parents throughout the year we found very informative and helpful with various aspects of our parenting and hope they continue throughout 2017.

Castle Hill Parent 2016

As AF‘s final year approaches the end I have had some time to reflect on our experience at the centre. I cannot commend the team highly enough. From the very beginning I felt supported in my role as a nervous first time Mum. I was allowed to progress forward with AF at a pace that was comfortable for me. I always received individual feedback about my child and how his day went.

AF‘s special needs were identified early on and with support and guidance from AF‘s teachers and other professionals I have seen how much of a positive difference early intervention can make. I am absolutely amazed at how this years Wombats team have helped my child to grow and overcome his difficulties. We now feel ready to take on the next challenge of school!

I have also noticed the remarkable warmth and affection thatAF‘s teachers have for him, and all the children in his group. There is a deep and genuine bond of love and trust between children and educators, and this in turn has led me to develop a great attachment to the team too! I never have to worry that my child is not being heard, or his needs are not being met.

AF and all his family will miss all of his educators. We are lucky to have had such fantastic people in our lives at such a crucial time.

Glenhaven Parent 2016

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