Bridge the gap by engaging and challenging four to five year old children to develop their emotional intelligence.

The Preschool Program bridges the gap between preschool or kindergarten and primary school, engaging and challenging four to five year old children while helping them become more confident and independent in a social learning environment.
Starting school should be an exciting and positive experience, with the promise of new things to learn and new classmates to get to know. However if your child’s not quite ready, taking the next step can feel overwhelming – for parents and children alike.
The curriculum uses Project work that reflects The Kindalin Five Key Learning Areas – Literacy and Language, The Arts, Social Awareness, Mathematics and Scientific Thinking. We have also developed several initiatives such as The Kindalin Reading Challenge.



The Kindalin Reading Challenge!

Guided and shared reading experiences are proven to support the development of early reading skills. The Reading Challenge is an integral part of The Kindalin Preschool Program and is a critical method of furthering the connection between home and Kindalin.

Children in the Wombats group and their families can select their books or pick from our author studies. Each month children are asked to bring their Reading Log into Kindalin, and at the end of the challenge, the children are awarded a certificate and a book for participating.

In recent years we have been collectively reading over 20,000 books across our nine locations. That’s a lot of extra reading in our community and centres.


Wombats Graduation

Kindalin Graduation ceremonies are a joint celebration for the children, families and Educators. They celebrate the children’s journey at Kindalin and their transition from the Kindalin Preschool Program to starting school. Kindalin Graduations are held at the end of each year for the graduating Wonderful Wombats children before leaving Kindalin. The children and Educators share highlights of their time at Kindalin through songs and/or role-plays and a slideshow presentation. To conclude the celebration, each child is presented with a certificate as a memento of their time at Kindalin.