Visitors to this centre instantly notice its peaceful and positive atmosphere and the enthusiasm of our dedicated staff.

Kindalin Kellyville is tranquil and spacious, with bright and colourful rooms for four age groups – Playful Possums, Eager Emus, Cuddly Koalas and Wonderful Wombats.

The rooms are alive with laughter and discussion as the older children, and their teachers engage in their latest project, which could be investigating art, music, maths, language or science. Meanwhile, the babies play and explore in their own quiet space, which has cots and hammocks for sleep time.

Outside, the landscaped yard has special areas for each age group. There’s loads of fun equipment to play with and interesting spaces and nooks to inspire imaginative games. Energetic boys and girls love to pedal round and round the mini racetrack. On warm days, under the shade of palm trees and sky-blue sailcloth, children sit at wooden picnic tables to have lunch and do arts and crafts.

“It’s our staff that make Kindalin a special place to grow and learn.”

Alison Wharton, Kellyville Director

Meet Alison Wharton's Kellyville Team

Miss Joanne

Centre Manager

Miss Demi

Playful Possums Room Coordinator

Miss Libby

Eager Emus Room Coordinators

Miss Melissa

Eager Emus Room Coordinator

Miss Hannah

Cuddly Koalas Room Coordinator

Miss Ali

Wonderful Wombats Room Coordinator

Notes from Kellyville parents

A huge thank you to YOU ALL! Cannot begin to show my gratitude to a wonderful team that makes Kindalin Kellyville. Reading Milania’s portfolio last night was very emotional for us. We are so proud of the development and learning journey she has been on this year in the Koala’s room.

Thank you for taking the time to really get to know her. It is reflective in her observations throughout the year and her end of year note from Miss Ali.

A special thank you goes to Miss Ali – she is the most wonderful teacher/carer. There really is no one like her! Another big thank you to the other teachers too that Milania has a special relationship with, Miss Theresa and Miss Sarah. Of course, not to discredit the other amazing teachers that flow in and out of Koalas room. I know she is fond of them all.

Thank you is simply not enough. We are truly grateful!

We still have another week or two until end of the year but wishing all of the staff a very Happy, Merry & Safe Christmas. We look forward to seeing everyone in the new year.

Lots of love – the Boys Family.


Thank you, it is such a relief going to work knowing that my girls are in such a loving environment at Kindalin.


Hi Miss Alison. Policies are great but that is not why I am writing. I went to the evening at Kellyville Ridge tonight where Mandy Flacknoe spoke. It was very good. She spoke very informatively and had some great ideas to stimulate ways to expand children in the area of literacy. I want to thank you for organising this and encourage you to keep providing such gatherings in the future. While on the subject of literacy I want to share with you the story time I had with Xavier the other night. He likes to choose the stories we read at bed time and he wanted to read Possum Magic. Xavier “read” this to me in a most enjoyable way. He retold it almost word perfect. He knew what the story was on each page and was able to remember the language that Mem Fox had used. His love for that story shone through and his enthusiasm for it was delightful to experience. At the end he was full of excitement as he said over and over again that he can ‘read’. Please let all your staff and especially those educators in the Wombats room know that I am so thankful and appreciative for the way they care for Xavier and in particular for the accomplishments I see Xavier achieving. You are doing such a great job!!!!!! Love to you all from Jenny


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