It takes a village to raise a child!

We feel an affinity with this old proverb at Kindalin. It’s not enough to build a great team and create a place for children to explore and feel safe. Children develop holistically with a variety of people, professionals and experiences to round out the foundations of their early learning and give them depth and context.

Kindalin’s Education Network is an extended family of experts and peak professionals we have selectively partnered with over many years in fields related to early childhood development.

Our calendar is filled with regular and special events, visitors, and programs that brighten our days and spark moments of joy. We call them Kindalin’s Preschool Practitioners. We hold weekly and monthly art workshops, active programs, music and cultural visits.

We actively partner with thought leaders and experts in fields related to early childhood development. We carefully but constantly integrate their teachings into our curriculum, training programs and Daily routine.

Kindalin’s Expert Speaker Seminars are free events throughout the year where our parents can meet and hear the latest thinking on early childhood development in person.

Meet some of our partners below.

Ian Wallace

Director at Forestway Psychology Centre

Ian Wallace is a Consultant Psychologist, with a wealth of experience working with children and their families. Ian connects with families through his supportive and down to earth approach. Ian is the Director at Forestway Psychology Centre in Sydney, and provides consulting services to Paediatricians, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Professionals and parents. Ian conducts seminars around Australia for television, radio, universities, professionals, schools and support groups.

Lauren Reinhardt

Director at North Shore Speech Therapy

Lauren is a Speech Pathologist and the director of North Shore Speech Therapy, a leading private practice with 4 locations in Sydney’s Upper and Lower North Shore. Her clinics employ over 20 Speech Pathologists and continue to provide outstanding, evidence-based therapy for over 15 years.

Lauren’s passion is conducting teacher education and informing the community about speech, language and learning. You can find more information on North Shore Speech Therapy here:

Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Digital wellbeing & productivity expert | Author | Consultant | Researcher

Dr. Kristy is a former teacher, an academic and a sought after speaker. She has authored the book Raising Your Child in a Digital World. With over 14 years of experience in education, ranging from work as a teacher to an academic and researcher, her talks are grounded in evidence and are practical and digestible.

Find out more:

Dr. Louise Porter

Guiding Children’s Behaviour

Dr Louise Porter is a child psychologist with over 35 years of experience in private practice consulting with parents and practitioners about early childhood, special and gifted education, and behaviour management. She has a particular interest in how adults can guide children’s behaviour. In her work, she compares and contrasts two styles of parenting: controlling discipline and a guidance approach. Her ideas elevate parenting beyond reward/punishment strategies and offer new ways to affect our children’s behaviour.
Find out more:

Anthony Semann

The Transition to School

Anthony Semann is one of the Directors and founders at Semann & Slattery. For the past 15 years, he has worked as an international researcher, consultant and manager with a broad range of government, non-government and private organisations. His skills and expertise have focused on the transition to school and how we can help prepare children for Kindergarten and know when they are ready. We have partnered with Anthony since 2014.

The Music Man

A swag full of Instruments

The music man is a monthly guest to all of our centres and has been with us for over 20 years now. Each visit is a unique musical journey where he brings his ‘swag full of instruments’ and we play with sound, movement and harmonics. His professional music career spans many decades and we are proud to have Greg The Music Man Dimmock as part of our team.

Royal Life Saving Society Australia

Early Life Parent CPR Program

The opportunity to learn how to respond to an emergency and provide Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) empowers parents with critical knowledge and experience that could save a life.
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Weekly sessions with the GrowFit team

GrowFit aims to help your child build the confidence and coordination to take on any sport of their choosing. The program challenges children’s development through a mixture of play-based and structured games and activities. This multi-sensory experience allows children to use their imagination to hear sounds and perform functional movement exercises, which improve hand-eye coordination and general core strength.

Reid the Music

Monthly sessions with Laura Reid

The children will learn music dynamics with Miss Laura and her team. We explore beat, rhythm, tempo, pitch, tone, colour and structure through singing and dancing. Each session will have different resources to engage the children. Bongos, castanets, ukuleles, pianos and tambourines are just some instruments the children will play to explore music.

Soccer Pat

Regular visitor

Soccer Pat joins us at every Kindalin centre each month to work with the children on their gross motor skills. Soccer is the world’s game, and it’s one of ours, too, as we learn to dribble and kick the ball, play in teams and run around outside with our friends.

Arts with Maree

Regular guest and artist

Our regular guest and resident artist, Miss Maree joins each of our centres every month to explore the world of creativity and arts. We can be sure to push the boundaries of what’s possible in our creations, using new and exciting materials and mediums, tools and ideas. Miss Maree has a wealth of teaching knowledge in the art faculty and brings a greater depth and richness to our artistic explorations.

Jingle Jam

Music and movement for children

Jingle Jam is an Australian company created by qualified music teachers to produce innovative songs and dances for young children. Besides creating new music, songs and dances for children, they also run incredible workshops that explore musical concepts through action and character songs. Themes include fairies and giants, pirates and mermaids, numbers, trees, cooking, Christmas, emotions and body awareness! We love to see them at our centres several times per year.

And many more

The list goes on.

Police, Fire, Ambulance, Dentist, Vision and speech screening, even our parents come in to share elements of their culture or expertise. At Kindalin we strive to expand your child’s experiences and interactions with the wider community, every day and every year.