Kindalin recognises every step to healthy, happy, confident children.


10 weeks - 2½ years

From an early age, babies show interest in the world around them and seek to investigate and discover with their senses . From 0-9 months, children respond to cuddling and rocking and are interested in moving objects, cars or colourful mobiles in their room. Between 9 – 18 months they’re very reliant on familiar adults. They begin to learn simple rules and investigate things by pushing, pulling and banging.


2½ to 3½ years

Children are developing social skills as they communicating and respond to their peers. They are also practising their sharing, turn taking, cooperating and feeling comfortable and confident within their environment.


3-4 years

At this age children continue to be open to new challenges and discoveries. They are encouraged to freely express their feelings and ideas, as well as to contribute their ideas in play. During this time, children are supported in their understanding of the relationship between written, oral and visual representations.


4 til Kindergarten

Wombat children are curious, inquisitive and enthusiastic– they want to be involved in anything at any given time. They are developing their self- help skills and independence. They can achieve all manner of tasks on their own. They verbally express themselves and may explore their own voice being low, high, loud and soft. They will often repeat everything that is said.

Actual room names may vary between centres. Please contact a director for more information.