Children understand the world through hands-on investigation & experience

Projects at Kindalin follow the child’s curiosity and allows for in-depth study of real world topics.

Projects last anything from two weeks to two months, so there is time for the children to fully engage with the subject matter in a meaningful way that is based on their interests. Our approach allows dynamic play and change, with consistent learning principals followed.

Projects help children understand the world around them by allowing a guided approach to in depth studies of real world topics. Projects are instigated by the child’s own interests, an approach that is highly motivating for children as it put them in control of their own learning.

Any moment can allow for a new project to begin. Once an interest or curiosity has been sparked amongst the group we follow Kindalin's 4 stages of a project; Curiosity, Investigation, Ideas and Outcomes. Each stage allows for dynamic and creative interaction with Kindalin’s Five Key Learning Areas and the Early Years Learning Framework.

Kindalin Projects follow a sequence:

Kindalin Projects follow a sequence:

The curiosity stage typically begins with a question from a child during group discussion. "What do plants eat?" or "What lives under the sea?". A special curiosity is shared between the children and an initial spark is lit.

We followed with an expansive investigation into the subject, gaining knowledge and insights in a greater context. We read books and search the internet, sometimes parents or special guests come in and share what they know. We find out lots of new things.

Then comes time to explore the ideas and look into some interesting areas more deeply. We share our new knowledge and ask more question about what we've learnt.

Finally we create art, reflect and document all of our investigations. We integrate information and stories into a holistic context for the child.