Welcome to our newest and most environmentally friendly Kindalin Centre, Kindalin Rouse Hill.

Currently under construction, we plan to open our doors to the public in 2023 (subject to change) and welcome over 140 new students into the Kindalin family.

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We are building from the ground up an entirely new early learning centre designed to create a perfect balance of homeliness, innovative technology and our natural world.

We’ve used the latest technologies to reduce our environmental footprint, from solar panels to LED lighting and sustainable materials.

It has unique design elements for deliberate, cognitive, emotional, and spontaneous creativity to enhance active learning through group play and engagement in a safe, natural, open-plan Australian environment.

Our proven, vibrant, warm and welcoming space will provide an environment for project-based investigations and interactions with Kindalin’s 5 Key Learning Areas. We look forward to new Family Partnerships and introducing you to Kindalin’s Education Network. We will provide our children with the best opportunity to learn and grow.

The interior and exterior design will embrace an ‘Australiana’ theme to enrich and inspire learning experiences. The architecture provides vast amounts of natural light to engulf each playroom, with separate age-based, covered and uncovered outside environments surrounded by a beautiful Australian bush landscape.

The children will thrive in indoor and outdoor areas with well-equipped Kindalin learning stations, sandpits, water and soil sensory play, unique rest caves and other spaces. The design of our centres provides for excellent reading and art experiences. The indoor and outdoor areas have underfloor heating and overhead cover to enjoy comfortable spaces all year round.

Kindalin Rouse Hill is a culmination of Alison Wharton’s 40 years of childcare journey and excellence.

If you would like to be kept informed of our progress or make an enrolment enquiry, please complete the form below. If you are interested in working for us please visit the careers page.