“I love watching children discover new and exciting things in the world around them.”

Hannah Dollin, Support Director

“Watching the children thrive and grow throughout their whole time at Kindalin.”

Jasmin Barkby, Centre Support

“It's important to identify each child’s interests and learning style...”

Joanne Tapley, Program Support

“Enrolments are the beginning of something wonderful!”

Simone Macauley, Kindalin Enrolments

“I am inspired every day by my colleagues and the active Kindalin community.”

Debbie Vumbaca, Careers and Professional Development Manager

Notes from our Parents

Ayla loves all her teachers so much she wanted to invite them all to her birthday party! Thank you to the team for making Kindalin a great place for our our kids to learn and grow in a caring and stimulating environment. I love Kindalin! I feel confident my daughter is getting great care from warm and loving carers. This is our third childcare centre and at last we can rest easy knowing Ayla has her needs met.

West Pennant Hills Parent 2016

Thank you for a wonderful, informative coffee night last night. David and I were very pleased to be able to hear about everything that is happening in the Emus room this year and the way the staffing works. We are really happy with all of Phoebe’s teachers and the wonderful care that is so evident through the presentations (and through what we see each day at the kindy) that were given by you for last night. Zoe is starting school this week. She is SOOOO excited and we are extremely fortunate and grateful that Kindalin gave her such a solid grounding to starting school so confidently this year. Thank you to all the staff and all the fantastic programming that is done by the staff to benefit the children’s learning.

West Pennant Hills Parent 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to really express our sincerest gratitude to all the Kindalin staff for having taken care of Kavya with love and affection. In all the 4 years we have had total trust in all the staff and have felt extremely comfortable in leaving her in their care. And Kavya has looked forward to coming to school every single day!! She has truly enjoyed her time with Kindalin and has learnt a lot in the process as well. Our thanks to your staff and yourself.

West Pennant Hills Parent 2016

My child has been at the centre since 3 months of age, she has always loved the centre the teachers and has developed very well. She is always happy to go and I feel I can talk candidly with the teachers who I trust to care for my child about all issues and things involving my child, any problems or areas I need to be made aware of are easily discussed. The centre is modern, up to date equipment and services, large spacious and clean. The teachers are friendly and welcoming and make it easy for me to drop my child off and go to work happy in the knowledge she is being looked after and cared for appropriately.

Kellyville Ridge Parent 2016

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