Nestled in homely and peaceful surroundings, our colourful Cherrybrook centre focuses uniquely on preschool-age children and school readiness.

Kindalin Cherrybrook focuses on two groups of preschool-age children, each with its own cosy space. Outside, we have a stage that hosts many performances in the leafy yard. A covered sandpit sprawls across the grounds, and a little creek and rock area cut through the settings where the hose is a popular addition on our sunnier days.

The child-led learning program is focused on school readiness, socially, emotionally and educationally preparing children for the transition to Kindergarten.

Come and experience the difference our Exclusive Preschool Program, depth of experience and dedicated staff can make to your child’s learning journey.

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Getting here.
From Cherrybrook Metro or surrounding areas.
Bus 626 & Bus 635 – These both stop right across the street from Cherrybrook Kindalin.
See Transport NSW for timetables and info.

“Helping children to feel like they belong is my first priority.”

Ali Russell, Cherrybrook Director

Meet Ali Russell's Cherrybrook Team

Miss Yuke

Room Coordinator

Notes from Cherrybrook parents

My boys (2yo and 4yo) started at your Cherrybrook centre early 2021.  I must say, my husband and I are amazed at how quickly the boys have settled into their new environment. This is all down to the wonderful staff there!

Meena leads by example as she is always engaging, smiling and is always thinking of new things to improve a child’s learning environment. With all that goes on in a childcare centre, I’m surprised at how “on the ball” she is with emails, handover messages from parents, the whereabouts and going-on’s of each child through the day!

Special mention to Rainbow, Catherine and Meena for the energy, genuine interest, positivity, creativity they all bring for the kids. The team has created a beautiful and harmonious environment, and as a parent I feel relaxed and trust my kids in their hands.



My son JayJay attends Kindalin Cherrybrook Center on Monday to Wednesday, in the Wombats Room.

I attended the Coffee Night arranged by Cherrybrook Center. Sincerely speaking, I’m deeply touched. I’m writing to share my experience with Kindalin Cherrybrook Center teachers and express my sincere gratitude to them for helping my son growing up.

JayJay joined Kindalin in early 2019, when he was around 2 years old. At that time, he was first attending Cherrybrook Shops Center with Miss Rainbow, who took care of him since the Possums Room. Miss Rainbow is a wonderful teacher, she loves children from her heart and has the patience, enthusiasm, and passion to find each kid’s character and guide them to grow in a suitable way. So when Miss Rainbow transferred to Kindalin Cherrybrook Center, we contacted Cherrybrook Center’s director, Miss Meena, for help.

Miss Meena is so kind and thoughtful, she helped JayJay to transfer from Kindalin Cherrybrook Shops to Kindalin Cherrybrook at the earliest time and helped him settle well. JayJay has been at Cherrybrook for over one year. As JayJay’s mum,  I must say that JayJay is never an easy-going kid. He has strong ideas and is not easily guided. But Cherrybrook’s teachers help him so much. Miss Rainbow would listen to JayJay’s thoughts, ideas and feelings. When JayJay does something silly, she always asks the reason and guides JayJay to share his thoughts, to speak out his feelings, instead of just admitting his faults. And I must also thank Miss Meena. As a successful Center Director, Miss Meena always encourages kids in a very positive way. She encourages JayJay to be confident, even though he can’t speak English well. We are so lucky to have Miss Rainbow, Miss Meena, Miss Catherine and other teachers as JayJay’s early-childhood education teachers, they are such an important part of my son’s life.

So please, let me take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all the Kindalin Cherrybrook teachers (especially Miss Rainbow and Miss Meena) who have contributed to my son’s growth and curiosity for learning. Thank you again for caring, teaching, helping and loving JayJay. JayJay also loves his teachers.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Hillary and Evan


Hillary and Evan

Kindalin is such a welcoming, caring, nurturing & fun environment and I couldn’t imagine my children going anywhere else! From the moment my children started at Kindalin I was immensely impressed by the range of activities that my children were exposed to, playing while learning. I truly feel that my son is absolutely ready to start ‘Big School’ because of Kindalin’s Transition to School Program. He has all of the tools he needs to have the best start possible. Thank you to all of the amazing dedicated staff, you are truly remarkable people.


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