Open plan with four spacious rooms and a great outdoor area, Kindalin Castle Hill is a specially designed centre for explorative learning.

Every room is a hive of activity at Kindalin Castle Hill. Learning stations fill the open-plan layout – arts and crafts, home corners, music areas, and language rooms.

The babies have their own quieter place, with cots and hammocks for quiet time and plenty of space for more peaceful adventures.

Outside, there’s a surprisingly big private yard with a large shade structure and a leafy vista.
The centre fully integrates several children with special needs. We love to welcome children from non-English-speaking backgrounds.

“I thoroughly enjoy discovering each child’s unique personality and interests through play experiences and developing these by involving our families and using community resources.”

Courtney Wharton, Castle Hill Director

Meet Courtney Wharton's Castle Hill Team

Miss Carla

Eager Emus Room Coordinator

Miss Tana

Wonderful Wombats Room Coordinator

Miss Anzlat

Eager Emus Room Coordinator

Miss Michaela

Centre Manager

Miss Chantelle

Playful Possums Room Coordinator

Miss Lauren

Cuddly Koalas Room Coordinator

Notes from Castle Hill parents

I have told all my friends how wonderful the centre is and I have always felt so comfortable and confident leaving my children in your care. In particular, Miss Lara has made Benjamin’s transition into care a loving, caring and nurturing experience. We have been so lucky to have such strong, energetic, and independent teachers like Miss Rachel, Miss Kori, Miss Katie, Miss Caitlin, and Miss Mia. Miss Karen works tirelessly preparing delicious and nutritious food for the children, and Miss Beth always welcomes us with a smile and ensures all our questions are answered.

Lastly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for everything you have done during our time at Kindalin. Your leadership style, passion for childcare and professionalism is admirable and I can’t thank you and your team enough for caring for Chloe and Benjamin during their time at Kindalin


Just wanted to let you know that I went to the Louise Porter talk last night with my husband Andrew. We both really enjoyed it and it was great to go and see her from a parent perspective. It was a full house and there were quite a few Castle Hill parents there too which was nice.

She is a fantastic speaker and you really walk away with a lot to think about. One of the parents dropped off today and their daughter usually cries when they are leaving and today she didn’t cry at all. Louise’s magic is working already!

The centre looked great as always and it was so nice to see all the happy familiar faces. Andrew was very impressed!

Just wanted to say thank you. It is so great that you put on these fantastic events. (I’ve been a bit of a regular this year.)

Parent Seminar Feedback

Kindalin Castle Hill was extremely welcoming to our 4 year old, who had changed over from a daycare centre he had been with for 2 years. From the first day he told us that he likes his new school and he was excited to go in the mornings. It is always difficult to leave our children in the care of others but having friendly and kind carers that the child likes, makes it that much easier.

The carers were always very friendly and helpful to us as parents and the admin staff were very knowledgeable and patient with us about the convoluted CCS process. The Kindalin app and Smartfees system are brilliant. Parents get daily updates and pictures via the app.

During our brief time with Kindalin, they celebrated a few cultural events and again the parents were informed digitally and via flyers about these events.

Their Open Day is a great opportunity to visit the entire centre and to get to know the staff. They were also accommodating enough to do a private tour for us before we started.

We would recommend Kindalin Castle Hill to anyone and are only sorry that we have to leave due to distance from our home


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