Open plan with four spacious rooms for the Possums, Emus, Koalas and Wombats – a purpose-built centre, Kindalin Castle Hill opened in May 2008.

Each room is a hive of activity, with learning stations to explore – Art and craft rooms, home corners, music areas and language rooms. The babies have their own quieter area, with cots and hammocks for quiet time, and plenty of space for quieter adventures. Outside, there’s a big yard with a huge shade structure, and a leafy vista.

The centre fully integrates a number of children with special needs, and from non English-speaking backgrounds.

“I thoroughly enjoy discovering each child’s unique personality and interests through play experiences and further developing these by involving our families and using community resources”

Courtney Wharton, Castle Hill Director

Meet Courtney Wharton's Castle Hill Team

Miss Rachael

Wonderful Wombats Room Coordinator

Miss Katie

Cuddly Koalas Room Coordinator

Miss Chantelle

Playful Possums Room Coordinator

Miss Lara

Eager Emus Room Coordinator

Notes from Castle Hill parents

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kindalin for creating a first-class learning environment for my children! Two years of the best out-of-home care any parent could ask for! This year I would like to especially mention the teachers in the Wombats room! Within the last half of the year we have seen an immense change in Xaviens attitude towards his learning experience and have full confidence that his transition to Kindy will be embraced with resilience!

Miss Jayden & Miss Rupum are usually the topic of discussion at our dinner table with many insightful and fun experiences to reflect back upon! Miss Rachael – where do I start!!! One of the most astounding carer/teacher I have come across in my lifetime of education! Miss Rachael’s passion and commitment to make a difference in every child’s day blows me away!! Her love for litterateur is evident and transpires to the children in many different ways! A phrase to describe her would be “a ray of sunshine”. I would also like to thank  Miss Brook, Miss Nicky, Miss Fenny & Miss Katie who have all played an integral part on Xavies learning experience over the last two years. Finally to your wonderful cook Miss Karen, your commitment to providing healthy, nutritious meals has been one of the highlights of my boys experience at Kindalin. Your scrumptious meals will definitely be missed!

A very heart filled gratitude to you and your team at Kindalin Castle Hill Miss Courtney!

Thank you.


We are moving to Queensland in October and as a result Chloe will be leaving Kindalin.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for everything you do. Chloe LOVES being at Kindalin and it’s pretty hard to get her to come home in the afternoon.

We are very sad that she won’t be finishing the year here as she has made some amazing friendships and seems to learn something new every week.

Kindalin Castle Hill is an exceptional childcare centre, your communication with parents, care for kids and facilities are second to none! In fact Chloe was at a Kindalin friend’s party recently and every adult I spoke to only had the best of things to say about Kindalin and your staff!

Thank you for everything you do!

Kind Regards


Please pass on our thanks to the room leaders in Ella’s room, and a big thank you to you as well. Our transition to Kindalin was made all the more easier by having carers such as yourself, Miss Rachael, Miss Katie, Miss Brooke, Miss Tayla, Miss Roopam and Miss Therese-Ann –

Ella has warmed to every single teacher, they care and provide for her as though she is their very own. Coming from a completely different centre, it is so heart warming to see the huge difference provided at Kindalin and my only regret is I didn’t enrol Ella earlier.

The seminars you held for the parents throughout the year we found very informative and helpful with various aspects of our parenting and hope they continue throughout 2017.


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