Situated in a tranquil environment visitors to this centre instantly notice its' peaceful atmosphere, inside and outside of the centre.

Bordered by rural acreage and broad leafy surrounds, Kindalin Glenhaven is set in a tranquil environment with views to the West stretching as far as the Blue Mountains. Inside the airy centre is a hive of activity, with four separate areas catering to our four age groups. Art and creative projects line the walls, while children buzz around, happily immersed in their investigations.

The highlight of our Glenhaven Centre is the spectacular top yard. Dotted with exotic trees, quiet seating areas and a sandpit, it is a natural setting that invites play, imagination and learning. The lower level outdoor area has recently been restructured and filled with new resources. The children are encouraged to investigate and explore their surroundings with a big cubby house being the favourite outdoor setting. This outdoor area also contains natural surroundings, shaded group time areas and a blue turf river that promotes imagination and dramatic play.

A favourite natural resource provided to the children is the natural rock formation nestled in our top green yard, providing natural sounds of water trickling down over the rocks which creates a soothing and calming environment for children to play, create and imagine. The children enjoy painting and drawing on the rocks while watching the water wash away their creations. The active water sparks discussions amongst the children of water living animals and the ocean, promoting scientific thinking and activities brought into the learning environments.

An entire new room has been specifically designed for the Preschool age group (Wonderful Wombats). We’re very proud of this beautiful and spacious extension which includes;

  • A sun-filled room with large windows to provide the children with the opportunity to view the natural surrounding environment
  • Three levels of learning space which facilitates small group discussions and play
  • Direct access to the outdoor play area where the children are free to explore the natural grass environment
  • A transformed indoor/outdoor room with areas for children to engage in play explorations and investigations, independently and in small groups.

Kindalin Glenhaven is proud of their long term staffing, with some that have been here for more than 10 years. It truly demonstrates a strong passion and enthusiasm about working at the Glenhaven centre. The centre Director Melissa is one staff member who has been with Kindalin for over 10 years.

“Every day we make meaningful & lasting contributions to the children in our care.”

Melissa Laverty, Glenhaven Director

Meet Melissa Laverty's Glenhaven Team

Miss Jasmine

Eager Emus Room Coordinator

Miss Ashley

Playful Possums Room Coordinator

Miss Brooklyn

Cuddly Koalas Room Coordinator

Miss Talyor

Wonderful Wombats Room Coordinator

Notes from Glenhaven parents

Tommy has been attending Kindalin since he was 6.5 months and for the last two months has been in the Emu’s Room. During this time he has developed a strong bond with Miss Malissa. I have been extremely impressed with Malissa’s professionalism, care and willingness to work collaboratively with both Luke and I. Malissa has encouraged Tommy to develop his independence and self agency whilst also helping him to learn to interact positively, through care and respect with his peers and educators.

Malissa has continued to engage Tommy with his learning by creating inquiry based play opportunities focussed on his individual interests. Tommy loves attending Kindalin, in fact, it can be hard to get him to leave in the afternoon. This reassures me that we have chosen the best Early Learning Centre for our boys. In addition to Malissa, the whole team at Glenhaven have been amazing for both Matty and Tommy. I often find myself recommending Kindalin to my friends, colleagues and family, a number of whom have now enrolled their children.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your strong leadership in 2017. There has been a number of fantastic improvements and developments this year at Glenhaven and no doubt, this has been a result of your influence and foresight. I have also appreciated your efficiency, experience and willingness to collaborate with families.

I can rest assured knowing that when we go to work our boys are in a happy and nurturing environment.

Thank you again.


As AF‘s final year approaches the end I have had some time to reflect on our experience at the centre. I cannot commend the team highly enough. From the very beginning I felt supported in my role as a nervous first time Mum. I was allowed to progress forward with AF at a pace that was comfortable for me. I always received individual feedback about my child and how his day went.

AF‘s special needs were identified early on and with support and guidance from AF‘s teachers and other professionals I have seen how much of a positive difference early intervention can make. I am absolutely amazed at how this years Wombats team have helped my child to grow and overcome his difficulties. We now feel ready to take on the next challenge of school!

I have also noticed the remarkable warmth and affection thatAF‘s teachers have for him, and all the children in his group. There is a deep and genuine bond of love and trust between children and educators, and this in turn has led me to develop a great attachment to the team too! I never have to worry that my child is not being heard, or his needs are not being met.

AF and all his family will miss all of his educators. We are lucky to have had such fantastic people in our lives at such a crucial time.


James and Thomas started at Kindalin at the beginning of the year, and I just want to let you know how pleased we are with our choice of childcare! We are so impressed with Kindalin Glenhaven!! James has been going to daycare since he was 9 months old, as did our older children Charlotte and Oliver,and we have always been happy with their daycare centre. We could not fault it, but similarly towards the end we did not rave about it. It was only when you suggested we looked around Kindalin just for a comparison that we realised what we had been missing out on! We love… that we have felt welcome from the first day we walked into Kindalin that the staff at Kindalin are so genuinely happy and enthusiastic. that they are always in the centre of activities with the children and the staff/child ratio seems much higher than we have previously been used to. The atmosphere always feels charged with excitement staff are never just sat chatting together while the children play without guidance that the walls are full of beautiful artwork and creations that are beautifully presented that James came home singing Waltzing Matilda after Australia Day!! That Thomas always comes home with paint under his fingernails the packed programme of activities that you do with the children each month how you want the parents to be involved and informed by having coffee evenings that James talks about the nice new friends he has made and talks about the staff by name that Thomas always has artwork to bring home and we know he’s not just crawling around all day that the staff always remember our childrens names, right from the first week the rooms and outside areas are so beautifully set out that James loves Kindalin food that James does exercises! That you have our child’s best interests at heart and look after them like we do.

Kathryn & Gary

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