One day at Kindalin [video] : Kindalin ~* Early Childhood Learning Centres

One day at Kindalin [video] 

There's so much action in a day at Kindalin, we asked Archie if we could tag along to show how we've created an exciting place for your children to grow and learn.

Every day at Kindalin is a unique and exciting adventure. Even tho we follow a predictable daily routine to give children security, it’s hard to call a regular day at Kindalin – because every day is unique, in it’s own special way.

Our caring and creative staff and fully featured learning environments compliment our exclusive preschool programmes to spark young imaginations and curiosities.

While we always know exactly what time lunch will be, we never know where we’ll end up in our daily play and investigations.

Follow us, as we follow Archie through one day at Kindalin.

Our learning programmes have been developed over 30 years to prepare children and families for a life-long journey of learning and growing as both an individual and as part of a greater community.


It’s our aim to provide an exciting place for children to grow and learn. To this end we have developed Exclusive Preschool Programmes for each preschool age group, which incorporate Kindalin’s 5 Key Learning Areas (5KLA) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) into a dynamic, yet predictable routine of special initiatives and experiences tailored to each child and every stage of learning and development.

Please get in touch below or by phoning 1300 881 401. We’d love to answer your questions or to book a tour of your local Kindalin centre.