Supporting the Transition to School with Anthony Semann [event] : Kindalin ~* Early Childhood Learning Centres

Supporting the Transition to School with Anthony Semann [event] 

An opportunity for parents to learn and understand what it means for their child to be ready to start school.

This was a FREE event series for our families and the local community. It concluded in July 2018.

What it means to be ready for school can mean something different for every parent. In this parent seminar, Anthony will share his thinking on what it means to be ready for school and what you as a parent can do to support your child’s well-being and transition from an early childhood program, to a school based program. Come prepared with questions to ask on the night so you and your family feel confident about your decisions, and ensure that your child has a positive and smooth transition to ‘big school’.

“Anthony Semann is an inspirational speaker with an abundance of experience that provides you with real life strategies, ideas and information. His wealth of knowledge and understanding of children all mixed together with humour and relatable stories captivates you and leaves you wanting more. I highly recommend attending”
Ashlee Clews, Director at Kindalin Frenchs Forest


Anthony Semann is one of the Directors and founders at Semann & Slattery. For the past 15 years he has worked as a researcher, consultant and manager with a broad range of government, non-government and private organisations.

His skills and expertise has seen him work with organisations across Australia and overseas including Columbia University (New York) as well as in France and New Zealand. Anthony holds expert knowledge in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.