Starting School in 2016 : Kindalin ~* Early Childhood Learning Centres

Starting School in 2016 

We’ve been receiving some really great stories from our Wombats of 2015 about their experiences starting school…

From what we have heard, this has been an adjustment process for Mum and Dad as well as the children and we’re glad to hear the transition to school from Kindalin has been positive. Here are some of the reports we’ve received.


“Lachlan has really enjoyed starting big school. When we picked him up on his first day he told us they did – lots of fun stuff – & that he really likes his teacher.”

Castle Hill Parent


“Just thought I’d share pictures from Ashton’s first day at school. His favourite part of school so far is lunch time where he can play cars with his friends in the playground and go to the canteen to buy ice blocks. He was super excited this week because he got to ride on the school bus for a mini excursion to church. Ashy would like to say a big hi to Miss Rachel and wanted to let her know that he misses her and all the teachers at Kindalin. He would like to come visit one day to say hi to everyone.”

Castle Hill Parent


“Hi, we miss everyone at Kindalin! Because of Kindalin, Fox is used to routine, following rules and playing with other kids in a kind and thoughtful way. It’s honestly been a very smooth transition for him and for us. He loves school so far, especially loves sports day on Mondays and Tuesday. We miss everyone at kindy, we will have to come up and show off Foxie in his uniform. A big HI to miss Ana and Miss Ashley for us… we miss seeing them every week. Many thanks.”

Kate and Foxie.
Frenchs Forest Parent


The children at Kindalin have enjoyed looking at photos of their friends from last year looking so grown up in their school uniforms!


“Charlie had a wonderful start to his first day, walking to his new school with Mummy and Daddy, meeting up with his friend Tom from Kindy as well as other friends he knows, and saying goodbye very quickly and happily at the classroom door. He made lots of new friends and got to draw some beautiful pictures and practice writing his name. It wasn’t long before Charlie’s buddies introduced him to the wonders of the canteen, so on Friday Charlie was allowed to take some of his pocket money to school to buy an iceblock and some chips. Charlie’s favourite things so far are his new friend Vivan, sport and library days, and visiting the canteen when his friend’s mum is working there. Looking forward to seeing you all again when the baby arrives – Charlie is so excited to bring her in to show her off to his old teachers!”

Cherrybrook Shops Parent


“Harrison had a fantastic first day at kindergarten. It was heart warming to watch him share the joy and excitement with his gorgeous friends that he has made at Kindalin over the past few years. They were very excited to see each other following the Christmas holiday break. There was laughter and hugs all round.”

Kellyville Parent


If you would like to share your child’s experiences please send an email to your director, we’d love to hear all about your adventures!